Mesothelioma Case Study

Mesothelioma case study – Mr X


Although there is no blueprint for a claim for mesothelioma, exposure to asbestos occurs most commonly in certain types of industries like construction, shipping or roofing work. The exposure often takes decades to produce symptoms. This is a case study detailing a typical claim of this type and the method in which EB Legal deal with these claims.


Mr X was employed in the 1950’s and 1960’s as a lagger in the shipbuilding industry in Liverpool. He was exposed to asbestos dust whilst carrying out this work. Mr X left the shipbuilding trade in the early 1970’s and worked in a bank for the rest of his working life. He was not exposed to asbestos during this period.


In 2009, Mr X began to develop respiratory symptoms. He was often short of breath and at first put this down to old age. Eventually he was referred to hospital for investigation when his breathing worsened. Following a CT scan evidence of asbestos was present and he was diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma.


Mr X sought legal advice following the diagnosis. He had been told he had no more than 12 months to live. Mr X would immediately be visited by us at home to discuss his claim and obtain his witness evidence in respect of his exposure to asbestos, employment history and symptoms .

Information would be provided regarding the likely timescale for the claim in light of his condition which under the new procedure set by the Court can take as little as 3 months from issuing to trial. It would normally take 3-6 months for us to obtain expert engineering evidence, speak to any witnesses, obtain medical records and a chest physician’s report. Also, we provide advice on the benefits position, funding of the claim and likely value of the claim at the outset.

As long as there is valid insurance the claim can be pursued even if the companies are no longer trading. The client can receive damages in under 6 months if the ex-employer’s insurers make reasonable offers prior to a trial. At all times we are aware a client’s quality for the remainder of their life can be improved by a successful claim and a speedy settlement.