Unfortunately, there is no set amount of time that it takes for an asbestos claim to be completed. From application to settlement can take anything from a few months to in excess of a year, depending on the details of the case. There are many factors that will determine how long a claim will take.

The type of illness in question will play a big part in determining how long a claim will take. Generally, the more serious the illness, the quicker the claim process will be.

With mesothelioma claims, which is perhaps the most aggressive of the asbestos-related illnesses, there are special court procedures that can be used in order to speed up the whole process. In these cases, you can generally expect to have your case to court within 6 months of your application.

It is often said that judges are sympathetic to people who have contracted such serious illnesses and do everything in their power to have the case heard before a court as soon as possible.

Depending on the strength of your case and the availability of evidence, you can rest assured that EB Legal will ensure that the whole process is as hassle-free and speedy as possible. Get in touch today and start your asbestos claim.