Today in the UK the illegal dumping of asbestos is a huge problem. There are several cases each year where asbestos substances are fly-tipped in a bid to avoid having to pay for the proper disposal of the potentially deadly substance.

Just this week, there was a case in Leicester where a substantial amount of broken up asbestos sheets, wrapped up in plastic bags were found dumped on a residential sheet. It goes without saying that this is extremely dangerous, irresponsible and extremely harmful to human life.

There are a number of extremely strict guidelines that must be followed when disposing of asbestos. In addition, it can be costly to get rid of asbestos legally because it is so dangerous; hence lots of people chose to dispose of it illegally. If asbestos is found in a building, it must be removed professionally.

Because the asbestos has been removed from a structure and, in this case, broken up into smaller pieces, the chances are that the asbestos would be dangerous because it had been disturbed. The harmful fibres could become airborne and inhaled, which is when asbestos can be harmful to health.

The law takes these cases extremely seriously and there has been a clamp down in recent years, with substantial sentences imposed on anyone found to be taking part in the illegal disposing of asbestos.

If you’ve been affected by an asbestos related illness due to illegal fly-tipping, you could be eligible to make an asbestos claim. Find out more today.