Making an Asbestos Claim

How do you go about making an asbestos compensation claim?
Under UK law a personal injury compensation claim for an asbestos related disease must be started within three years from the date when the person
suffering the condition became aware of the diagnosis.

In cases resulting in death, the claim must be started within three years of
the family of the victim discovering that the cause of death was an asbestos
related illness. This could for example be due to the result of a post mortem examination.

If you realise that either yourself or a member of your family has contracted
an asbestos related illness, it is important that you seek professional legal
advice as soon as possible. Once you have instructed a specialist industrial disease solicitor, they will find out whether the employer responsible for your condition still exists, and furthermore identify their insurers.

If it transpires that a claim can be pursued, it will then be necessary to identify
the medical issues and to compile evidence of the asbestos related illness to justify and to reach a potential value for the claim.

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